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Rent Translation Systems, Listening Devices with Headsets get a quote to rent your iPad here it's the pad everyone wants
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Rent Translation Systems, Listening Devices with Headsets


Rent Translation listening Systems, Interpretation Equipment, Impaired Hearing Listening Devices with Headsets Radio Systems
That Meet The Highest Demands  Information in Spanish

We rent simultaneous interpretation equipment, listening receivers for the hearing impaired,  We can ship to any USA location. Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Portland, Seattle, & right to you when needed. It is easy to set up and use. It operates like a FM radio station with up to 400 feet distance from the Translators Transmitter. The receiver heat set is comfortable to wear and the receiver is about the same size as a sell phone.

We also rent iPads that can translate many different languages using inexpensive apps that are downloaded from a iTunes account.

If you are planning a event using Audio Visual Equipment ask about our AV rental services. We can setup and run your convention General Session and Meeting Break out rooms anywhere in the USA. We can provide Audience Response Systems, kiosks, computers, Laptops, and printers for registration, push to talk audio microphones for panel meetings. We can also provide Video conferencing equipment for any location as long as internet service is provided

The T17 transmits in 10 Wide-Band channels! The T17 features an audio indicator, audio level adjust, and will accept an unbalanced line-level input or a Williams Sound condenser microphone. The T17 Transmitter and R7 Receivers are field-tunable to 10 wideband channels. The T17 connects to the existing sound system or can be used with its own mic ( included). Listeners use R7 receivers to hear clearly and easily from anywhere in the seating area. A remote antenna (ANT 005) and rack mount kit (RPK 004) are also available.  The T17 accepts virtually any balanced or unbalanced input, while top audio quality is assured by low noise circuitry and a sophisticated audio processor and headset (Comfortable dual headphones have an adjustable headband. Foam cushions can be washed or replaced. 3.5mm plug, 1m cord. Recommended for FM Receivers, Select IR Receivers).
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Price Request Form for Translation and AV Equipment
 Precio Formulario de Solicitud de Traducción y el equipo AV
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Rent Translation Equipment Systems, Listening Devices with Headsets RF Systems That Meet The Highest Demands

Language Interpreting is the process of translating someone's spoken words from one language into another. We offer rental equipment for 1 day and weekly services for:

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Court Interpreting
  • Depositions
  • Medical Hearings
  • Foreign Guests
  • Churches and Schools
  • Government
  • Event Planers
  • A V Companies

Allowing your attendees and delegates to understand as well as participate in the proceedings allows you to further the goals and educational objectives of your event.

We are one of the premier suppliers of simultaneous interpretation equipment, assisted listening devices and services, we have one of the largest inventories of equipment worldwide and we offer you the highest quality equipment available. Our systems are portable and feature wireless radio receivers or radio frequency receivers for indoor and outdoor use.

Simultaneous Interpreting is performed during the time of the presentation. Usually at a meeting or in a conference setting, this type of interpreting service typically necessitates the use of special interpreting equipment. Wireless receivers with headsets enable the audience to hear the language translation of their choice (up to 6 different languages at a time).

Radio frequency equipment: quick to set and because the transmitter uses a radio frequency, a much larger area can be covered. Radio frequency equipment is suitable for use in large meeting venues such as exhibit halls and arenas.
We can also supply sound proof booths

Frequently Asked Questions about Conference Interpreting

We can recommend professional conference interpreters. How to Register with us as an Interpreter

Our services don’t end once your rental equipment is delivered and installed. We understand that managing IT equipment means more than just "procurement". That is why we offer exceptional technical support and services. In addition to 24/7 support, our experienced technicians will work with you from installation until final completion of the project. Call 503-477-8972  for prices


RF systems provide the simplest and least expensive solution to language interpretation. Easy to use, flexible and versatile RF systems are the most popular interpretation systems on the market.

Digital RF Audio Distribution System

5 preset channels and up to 37 frequencies
•Extremely easy to use digital presets.
•Superior audio quality quickly setup in even the largest venues.
•Unique: Lock feature ensures attendees are always “dialed in”.
•Does not require line of sight.
•Delivered with a pair of light weight stereo headphones.
•Does not interfere with Audio Visual Systems.
•Also great for factory tours and as Assistive Listening Device.
•Ideal solution for Portable Applications

The systems available are applied in business and government meetings, international conferences, bilingual workshops, site tours, training seminars, houses of worship and courthouses - everywhere language interpretation services are needed.

RF systems are best used in these applications:
1) Single and Multi-Language Events
2) Portable applications (room to room)
3) Large or small rooms
4) Temporary installations
5) Sound re-enforcement
6) Hearing Assistance
7) Indoors or Outdoors
Our expert staff will help determine your specific application and custom build a system that is right for you, and your budgetary plan.

Call our offices for a turn-key solution available from 1-6 language systems.
Call 503-477-8972 or 
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How to Register with us as an Interpreter

We receive a huge number of requests to register with us, however very few requests meet our stringent standards. Here is what we are looking for:

Simultaneous conference interpreters with a minimum experience of 5 conferences interpreted simultaneously in a booth (please name at least the last 5 conferences you worked at, on your resume, with contact information for the person who hired you). Interpreters may work in any language combinations, and must live in United States, Canada or Mexico.
Technicians with experience in setting up and operating audio-visual equipment (not necessarily interpreting equipment) at conferences are also welcome to contact us.

We are not looking for written translators at this time.

How to contact us:

If you meet one of the requirements above, please Simultaneous conference interpreters email us your link.

Also, please note that we never accept unsolicited email attachments.


¿Cuál es la función de los equipos de traducción simultánea?
  El equipo de interpretación simultánea es un sistema de transmisión cerrado que envía una señal de FM (frecuencia entre 72 y 76 MHz) para un número indefinido de receptores personales en manos de la audiencia.
Cada participante recibe por su su / su uso durante la conferencia, un receptor pequeño y ligero con control de volumen independiente para escuchar la interpretación simultánea mientras se sienta libremente en el área de su su / opción o moverse alrededor de la habitación y las zonas adyacentes de hasta 400 pies de distancia del transmisor (transmisión libre de obstáculos). Este sistema es como una pequeña estación de radio.
Los intérpretes suelen utilizar auriculares con control de volumen independiente para escuchar al orador o la persona que utiliza el micrófono en cualquier momento (a veces, y con sujeción a la decisión del líder del evento, los intérpretes pueden trabajar sin auriculares) y de inmediato interpretar el mensaje con la asistencia de micrófonos o auriculares.
El equipo de traducción se ofrece como un alquiler durante para su evento y hay que pagar una cantidad específica por cada unidad necesaria en función del número de asistentes a su evento. El transmisor se utiliza para cada idioma y el auricular receptor / por participante.
El equipo de traducción está disponible como de sobremesa o portátil (equipaje de mano) unidades. Conferencias y reuniones formales normalmente utiliza el equipo de sobremesa, mientras que los tours y excursiones requieren la versión portable.

Para conocer el precio, si usted necesita el equipo audiovisual incluye una solicitud de cotización.
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 Precio Formulario de Solicitud de Traducción y el equipo AV

Frequently Asked Questions about Conference Interpreting

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous Interpreting is when an interpreter listens to a presentation and relays it in another language with no significant delay.

What other types of interpreting are there?

Consecutive interpreting. This is where the presenter pauses after each phrase or sentence to allow the interpreter time to relay it into the other language. Although this is generally less expensive than simultaneous interpreting, the meeting will take twice as long as normal, and it can only be used when there are a maximum of two languages (usually English plus one other).

Are all simultaneous interpreters the same?

Simultaneous interpreting is the most difficult form of interpreting. Only a small percentage of interpreters can truly interpret simultaneously, that is: listen to someone speaking one language, and, without pausing, speak the same idea in another language.

A professional simultaneous interpreter should be able to speak both languages fluently, without a strong accent that would make him or her hard to understand. The best interpreters also speak in an interesting way so that their voices are a pleasure to listen to.

If your event will be discussing 'technical' subjects make sure you let us know when you request interpreters, so we can select those who have a background in your subject area. An interpreter who is very knowledgeable in legal matters may not be the best person for an electronics conference!

How many interpreters will I need?

Simultaneous interpreters generally work in pairs. This form of interpreting is very concentration-intensive, so the interpreters will normally work as a 'tag team' to cover the sessions. If the meeting lasts less than 1 hour, it may be possible for a single interpreter to cover it. For top-level events, such as government conferences, a team of 3 may be required. You might also need a team of 3 if the working day is very long. Most interpreters expect a working day to be between 6 and 8 hours of actual meeting time. Of course, if you have more than one room requiring interpreting at the same time, or more than one foreign language, you will need more teams of interpreters.

Tip: To keep expenses down, try to plan the schedule so that the meetings requiring interpreting take place one after the other, in the same room, rather than all at the same time in different rooms.

Can the same person be used to interpret from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English, for example?

Some interpreters are equally comfortable in both directions, others prefer to work only into their mother tongue. If you expect to need interpreting in both directions, be sure to let us know.

What kind of support will interpreters need to do their best work?

The most important support you can give your interpreters is written materials to prepare from. We cannot stress enough the importance of helping the interpreters prepare themselves for your conference. If possible, we recommend that you supply us with advance scripts of the presentations. If these are not available, you should procure abstracts, copies of overheads or PowerPoints that will be used, sales brochures, and a list of acronyms and abbreviations that may come up. You should also let us know of any web-sites that would give us background information. All materials should reach us at least a week before the first day of interpreting.

Expect to provide meals and refreshments and drinking water for your interpreters while they are working, and if they have been flown in from another city, you will need to provide all other meals too.

At meal and break times, remember to give your interpreters a break too. Do not expect them to do informal interpreting at the meal table for instance. By lunch-time, their brains may need to be 'de-fried', and that requires taking a break from thinking! If necessary, we can hire bi-lingual hosts to help facilitate meal-time conversations. Hosts are often available at much lower rates than professional interpreters.

What else will I need?

For simultaneous interpreting, you will also need to rent equipment so that your delegates can hear the interpreter's voice.


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