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Shure ULX Series wireless microphone systems provide professional wireless microphone
Rent Wireless Microphones

The Shure ULX Series wireless microphone systems provide professional wireless microphone solutions for Worship Services - both live and broadcast. This wireless handheld system includes the ULXP4 receiver, and ULX2 handheld transmitter with a Shure SM58 head.

The ULXP4 receiver operates on UHF frequencies, and offers over 1400 user selectable frequencies to choose from. The ULXP includes all of the features found in the ULXS, but the ULXP4 is also equipped with features that would be expected in a professional unit or in a unit being used week after week. Some of these additional features include TV channel display, frequency and volume locks, and more. The dual antennas provide optimum resistance against RF interference and drop-out. The receiver features a balanced XLR output that is switchable between mic and line level signal as well as an unbalanced 1/4" Phone output. The LCD screen provides group and channel information, transmitter battery life, and more. Two 5-segment LED's provide audio and RF metering.

Sound System with multiple speakers and Lavalier Microphones
Sound System with single speakers and Lavalier Microphone

Rent ULX Wireless Microphone Hand Held or Lapel Systems

The Shure ULX Professional wireless receiver offers an exceptional value in both performance and price, for both working musicians and sound installers. The expanded feature set of the ULXP4 wireless receiver, with advanced settings and controls including lockable settings and group scan, offers a direct path to full, clear audio signals.

Power On Indicator
Receiving Antenna Indicators
SQUELCH Indicator
SCAN Indicator for Scanning Open Group and/or Channel Frequencies
Transmitted (TX) Audio Indicators
Group/Channel/Frequency Displays
TV Channel Display
Frequency and Volume Locks
"RF" Level Indicators
Transmitter Battery Life Indicator
MODE Button for Menu Display
SET Button for Saving Settings
Display Control Knob
Level Control
Mic/Line level Switch
XLR and 1/4" outputs with level control
PS40, PS40E, PS40J or PS40UK in-line power supply with locking DC connector
Space-saving 1/2 rack design
Single and dual rack mounting hardware included

8-9 Hour Battery Life
Power On/Off Switch
Power/Battery LED-Green When ON, Red When Battery Low
Three-segment Battery Power Icon
PEAK Icon-Appears When Audio Signal Overloads
Group/Channel Displays
MODE Button for Menu Display
SET Button for Saving Settings
Adjustable Audio Gain Control
Input Attenuation Switch-Select 0dB for Voice/Low
Output; 20dB for High Output
4-pin Mini Connector
Battery Cover Unscrews to Expose Battery and Gain Control
9V Battery Included


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